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Installation Guide

I hope to eventually build an installer for this project however until then the site has to be manually deployed.

Firstly download and extract the most recent release then take the following steps:

1. Place the files in the website folder in the appropriate place for your web server. The supplied configuration file expects to be running under the Integrated pipeline in IIS 7.

2. To configure a new database:
  • Create a database called ActivateYourGlutes.
  • Install ASP.Net Membership Services in the database by using aspnet_regsql.
  • Run the v1.0.2.0.sql script against your newly created database.

Or to upgrade an existing database:
  • Run the *_upgrade.sql scripts against your existing database beginning with the script version immediately after your current installation version. For example to upgrade a v1.0.0.0 database to v1.0.2.0 run the scripts:


5. Ensure that the user account your web servers application pool is running under has read and write access to the tables and ASP.Net stored procedures.

6. Edit the three connection strings at the start of the web.config file so that they point to your server.

7. For version onwards you will need to mark a user as an administrator in order to access the administrative portions of the site. This can be done by running the following SQL against your database:

declare @utcdate datetime
select @utcdate = GETUTCDATE()
exec dbo.aspnet_UsersInRoles_AddUsersToRoles @ApplicationName=N'/',@RoleNames=N'Administrator',@UserNames=N'Administrator',@CurrentTimeUtc=@utcdate

Replacing the value of the @UserNames parameter with the name of your administrative user.

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