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Project Description
Activate Your Glutes is a website for tracking fitness progress as you grind it out in the gym, developed using ASP.Net MVC, JQuery and Entity Framework.

NOTE: Versions and revisions 45913 onwards of the source code require VS2010 and MVC2.

This codebase provides examples of using:

It brings these together in a way that illustrates partially protecting a site and controller using SSL (login and registration), using Unity as a container to build controllers and more, custom model binders, and displaying a grid of data with jqGrid (

It is functional and an example of it running live can be found at Work is ongoing both on new features and on code quality and I hope, in time, that the project becomes a good example of how to write a real world MVC application.

I've arranged planned improvements into a roadmap.

More information on coding topics related to Activate Your Glutes can be found on my blog at whereas if you're just interested in fitness or the live site itself you should check out

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